breaking the rules

Art is...

Today, my brain had an insatiable urge to consume some art, so I went to ”The Great Graphic Boom” exhibition in Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo – covering American graphic art from the 60´s to the 90´s. What struck me as exciting about this exibition was to see bold brushstrokes, a disregard for previous design rules and an appetite for the new. The fact we now view Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein as heroes of Pop Art made me wonder who will become this generations future legends? The artists not yet recognised or currently critised for breaking norms in unconventional ways.

What is art? What will become art? And what makes it so? 

In a world of art where everyone tries to break the rules to garner attention - are there rules to breaking rules? And who will break them correctly to emerge through the noise of constant art consumption – wether it´s through social media, on the wall in a museum or in the streets on a random lucky wall.